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Risorse addizionali

Una collezione in costante crescita di schede del personaggio, link, avventure, ecc.

Creazione del Personaggio

Character Sheet (token) - Download in formato PDF o PNG

Online Character Keeper (Google Sheets)

Online Character Sheet + Tokens (Crea una copia)

Fillable Character Sheets (token) (Spagnolo)

idolofmanyhands’ generator (con pacchetti di equip addizionali!)

Classic Fantasy Starting Packages

d66 Starting Loadouts by Classess Kobolds


Hideous Daylight (converted)

Lair of the Serpent Prince (official conversion)

Cairn Spark Tables


Tomb of the Serpent Kings Monsters

Xenio’s old school monsters (also here)


FoundryVTT System

Create an Adventure Site for Cairn

Mausritter Item Creation Tools

Electric Bastionland Style Backgrounds For Knave (work for Cairn, too!)

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